Monday, December 17, 2007

Oooo! Stashbusting!

Oooooo! STASHBUSTING!! After months of kvetching about not sewing...I AM SEWING! It's like being a kid in a candy store; I just can't seem to stop...or be happy with just one! This week I...
1. cut and pieced an entire front! This is an unheard of accomplishment for me. I even added most of the borders! WHOO HOO! This was no small feat because I was determined NOT to buy any additional fabric and had to make what I had work. I also decided that I lie. I am not willing to share the picture of my quilt until at least the top is finished. I need to add one more border tonight (there is another border already added that is not in this picture) and then I'll show and tell. In the meantime, here is a teaser
This is the next border being created............

One more border needs to be added and then I'll share the entire photo.

2. started the mystery quilt being hosted by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. I don't usually enjoy mystery quilts but I have mounds of 1 1/2" strips already cut and not earmarked for anything. I am making this from strips leftover from a log cabin quilt so I have a variety of sizes. I have it all set up so I can mix and match. It would sure be faster using all the same sized strips! (see my perfect, wonderful, amazing Hanukkah present...the mp3 docking station. I LOVE it!)

3. decided I am not thrilled with the round Clover yo-yo maker. Am I missing something? It is easier to just do them on my own. Please comment.

4. got hand projects ready for travel

5. CLEANED up after myself!

I did have to go out and buy floss for my hand stitcheries. I suppose I could have just used the "wrong" color but just didn't want to. I am too anal to not use the color listed.

Oh and by the way... had to laugh at the picture of Ms. S and I (scroll down to the previous post). I am wearing one of my uniforms!


Donna said...

Great job getting a whole top done! You had an amazing stashbusting week.

Mary said...

I like the pink and brown but I'm in a pink and brown mode after finishing the Ice Cream quilt.

I also found the Yo Yo maker more trouble than it was worth which was disappointing since so many people raved about it.

Kathie said...

great stashbusting week for you!
can't wait to see the whole quilt top!
I love pink and brown quilts and want to make one for myself.

Kucki68 said...

The boot fabric looks fun, sure that helped to make the quilt sewing fun too.

pudge's girl said...

Well, I have been reading your post but I just had to comment. 40 pounds gone and twenty five years coming. You are tenacious, tenacious. And the renewed enthusiasm for quilting, maybe if I keep reading I will get the bug too. Your enthusiasm and drive is accelerating at this time of year. Good for you. And I adore the new banner. Good, good, good stuff. Happy Holidays. Mary


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