Sunday, January 13, 2008

my stashbusting efforts........

(notice the lower case, whispering , head hanging in shame title.....)

NOT! YIKES! I'M OUTA CONTROL!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I have been dreading this post............Ms.CCCat gets me in more trouble! Yup! That's my story, that's my excuse and I'll use her as my scapegoat! Hey! I feel better all ready. Ya see, she is the queen of discovering inexpensive fabrics. S he was at Hobby Lobby and I made the fatal mistake of calling her at precisely the right moment. She was buying name brand fabric for $2/yd! You better believe I cleaned up my classroom but quick. Good thing it was quitting time or those kiddos would have wondered what that dust streak was that lead to my car! After some pre-shopping sustenance, she took me back to HL. Notice I said back....she had already visited the cutting table once.....(Oh yeah! If I'm going down, I'm not going down alone!) I'm won't tell how much we bought or what I spent so let's just say there were quite a few cardboard bolt casualties on the floor around the clerk. 2$/yd for Northcott fav! How could I walk away? Also, no kidding here, I hate making a pieced back. A few pieces ok. But to practically make a large block quilt on the backing is not my idea of fun. If I can have some large pieces to chose from it would so add to my sanity. Plus, after my "using the last oooch of fabric for a border" problems on my boot quilt, I would love to have enough yardage for borders. Now I have been dreading making this post. Ms. CCCat wouldn't have told on me because she doesn't have a blog. But Ms. FudgeBuckets already tattled on me in her blog so I had to come clean. Sheesh! With enabling friends and tattling friends a girl could lose her mind! So in the true nature of an addict, I take no blame. It wasn't my fault. All my friends were doing it and I couldn't be the only one just standing at the cutting counter! My name is Morah and I am a fabric addict!


Vicki W said...

Oh well, we can't be totally controlled. We must have some fun sometime! I don't think I could resist that kind of sale either!

Vicky said...

Okay, now that you've got that behind you .... it would have been hard to pass that deal up! And the less time you spend piecing backings, the more stash you can bust! LOL

margil said...

You really thought I could keep my mouth shut? ROFLMAO! I don't have guilty feelings about buying fabric unless we are short on money. IT was fun seeing you two there. I didn't intend on buying anything but clear vinyl, but ended up with several pieces, plus a chunk of Peltex 70 for my fabric postcards!



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