Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quilt quilted

........and now you have to wait for me to bind it before you can see it. Just let me say, a bit of tension trouble, one potty break and 4 hours and I have a quilted quilt! One eensy weensy problem. One of us measured wrong....the backing fabric was 1/2 " too short......AUUGGHHH! Like Ms. CCCat says, I'll never do that again. It seems I only gave extra to the top and not the bottom. I'll try to have it finished by Weds. but I'm giving no promises.

Since I like pictures when I read a blog I'll leave you with this. Can you guess what I gave almost 10 yr. old Cheergirl for a gift?

I LOVE the internet and digital cameras. Aunt M. can stay in touch just like I'm there! Cheergirl got a manicure and I got a bunch of incredible pictures! Love it!


Susan said...

There's a girl who is going to want nore manicures! =) That was a nice thing for you to do.

Can't wait (but I have to!) to see your quilted finish.

Happy anniversary, a day early to avoid being late. =) Will you be getting a manicure?

Susan said...

BTW, from my DSQ blog, I gave you the Make My Day award. =)


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