Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stashbusting efforts

(Notice I'm using caps again?)

I had to redeem myself after such a poor showing in the self control department. Today I bound not 1, not 2 but 3 quilts!! WHOO! WHOO! WHOO! Not only that I moved 3 UFO's to the finished column.

This one is one from our charity group. We call ourselves "Strips and Strings." We are working along with the Heartstrings Project. (URGH! I deleted it and had to reload which means you can't click on it!) This was my first foray into the longarm. I did a panto and decided I much prefer free motion (see below).

This quilt was started last year at retreat. Many of the girls at retreat made blocks. Our charity group made additional blocks and assembled. It was quilted by a very nice member of the Heartstrings group...I just don't remember who! If you are the quilter and read this, let me know so I can give you credit!. It's a good thing I finished this because this years' retreat is next week!

And last but not least, my baby. My proudest quilt. I don't know why exactly but I am very thrilled with this one. I think it's because I

  1. had help purchasing the fabric but NO help with placement, problem solving, and pulling from stash. I even made one border, rejected it and replaced it with another. TOTALLY not like me.
  2. used nearly all of the green and white boot fabrics. Each has about a 6" square left. If you look at the border, you'll see that there wasn't enough green for the entire border. Had to use the white. Had to figure it out on my own! Then I was still about 3" short so had to add one of the 6" squares to squeak by and get the length necessary.
  3. I longarm free motion quilted this.
  4. I finished in one month. World record for me!
The quilt is not wavy, my holder is sick and not happy to be holding today! The colors on the closeups are more true. Notice the words I quilted in. I took a little detour in my life's journey this summer and fall. I wasn't sure which path I'd end up on and am pleased to announce that path looped around back to where it should be....only better. You don't need to completely understand this however, this became my "healing" quilt. I quilted in words that are meaningful to me. Most of them are in the busy boot fabric because they are nobodies business but my own. The ones I wanted read, I put in the borders.

This is just a closeup of my best flowers.


Vicki W said...

Congratulations! They are all great quilts. I don't think I ahve ever made a a quilt - start to finish - in a month.

Mary said...

Pantographs take a little practice but there are some really cute patterns out there.

Was it Becky that quilted the string quilt? I can't remember either but it looks great, both of them do.

Will you email me copies of the files so I can add them to our online albums

swooze said...

Great job. 3 UFOs? Wow!! Congrats.

Shelina said...

Wow, lots of finishes! You have been busy. The boot quilt looks wonderful - the quilting looks great.

atet said...

Congrats on all three finishes! As for the stash enhancements? was $2.00 a yard!!! Come on!!!

The Quilter said...

Congrats - now I'm SOOOO jealous. You finished three quilts and you can free motion quilt that well?

All your quilts are lovely. The string quilts are bright and cheery and your boot quilt is adorable.


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