Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The State of our Backsides....


Well, I am happy to say that my selfish nature is paying off. By talking publicly about weight loss, I feel the pressure of others wathching me. I feel others watchin me and I don't want to gain weight. Unfortunately I've been fighting illness for a week now and haven't exercised much. If you click on the above you'll see the chart I keep on exercise. The dancing cannot be judged in minutes. We take a lesson on Weds. and go out on Fridays. Let's just say I sweat! (you can tell I don't feel well as I didn't go to dance last night.) Also I changed my ticker to reflect my re-losing the same 1 1/2 lbs. I gained.

Join us! Devote an entire post, or just a portion of a post to your efforts at weight loss, exercise, being healthy...Here is how to do it. Once you have your post written and published use the Mr. Linky thingamabob to point us to the specific post.AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!WRONG! Publish your post. Then go to the "edit posts" page. Right mouse click on the title of the post you want to link us to. Hit "copy shortcut." Then go to the Mr. Linky area on my blog and paste the link.

I made a mistake here. This is the way that Judy explained it on her blog. When you add your link to the Mr. Linky code, it needs to be your specific post. To do this, click on the time in your post (at the bottom). It will say something like "copy link location". Copy that and paste that. Mine is http:// If you post a link to your main blog, then when others go back later in the week to read your report, they're going to come to your latest blog entries. Please post the link to your weekly progress report! Thanks!! Sorry for copying directly from Judy but it seemed the most efficient method to fix my error.

It may seem like a small or unusual thing to do, linking all of our efforts together, but you never know who your words will affect. You never know if your bit of effort is just what is necessary for someone else to continue on their journey. You never know if revealing the fact that you struggle is just what is necessary for someone else to realize that they are not alone in this very difficult undertaking.


Pam said...


Keep on keepin' on!!! I lost a wk at CURVES just after the new year, just as I was getting back into the swing of things and was thrilled to realize it wasn't so hard to get back on track.

My counter is at the top of my page...3 sessions since last week...5 sessions down, 195 to go...


Randi said...

Wow, Morah! Only 14 to go to reach your goal...that's great! Keep it up!


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