Sunday, January 06, 2008

This ain't workin' so well

It is January 6th. I have two resolutions. Buy less, spend less and stay in shape (I need to get back in shape as vacation and illness kept me from exercise for almost 4 weeks. I've only gained 4 lbs and will change my meter if it doesn't come off in a few days....I was on vacation......). I am failing miserably on the first. On New Year's Day my friend called and asked me if I wanted to go to Joanns. She bought nothing, I bought fleece. I hate buying fleece! But MIL, FIL, & Ms. A are CRAZY about crossword puzzles. I saw this and HAD to make something. There was only enough for one tied blanket and a pillow (good thing for my checkbook!). On the plus side, I finished the blanket and will mail it Monday.

Then, I tallied my UFO's. I decided that in order to finish the pink and brown log cabin I started last year, I would add two more rounds to make bigger blocks rather than make more blocks. That requires a bit more dark pink to keep it looking scrappy. Plus Hancock's had cutting tools on 1/2 price and I needed blades....and the circle cutter as I can't make the small circles on my thingamabob cutter that I can't remember the name of. I've already bought 2 useless rotary cutters in order to use this wouldn't allow me to cut the arc without gouging the plastic of the thingamabob and the other made too shallow of a cut and the blade didn't reach the fabric. (In defense of the circle cutter purchase, I am beginning to be more selective in the use of my wrists. I've had arthritis since I was 16 and my weakest spot is my wrists. It is hard for me to cut too much with scissors. I'm trying to find another method of cutting yo-yos.)

Then, I ran out of my Aurafil thread. I love this thread. It has lasts and lasts. Well, the shipping was the same whether I ordered one spool or a couple. I am planning on making machine appliqued table runners and wall hangings while at retreat and the 28 wt. is supposed to look very nice on a machine blanket stitch.

Didjya see my total? In one week????!!! I only hope DH doesn't read my blog! I really haven't spent much on quilting in the last 6 months of 2007 but in one week! After making a resolution!?!?! I still need a few more pinks but may just make due.... oh WHO am I kidding!? (the only thing that may save me and keep me from buying more fabric is our rinky dink town and the fact that there is nowhere to buy the tones I'm looking for. The one shop that does sell the right tone is taboo.)

On the UFO side....I finished three things that have been in my drawer for over 2 yrs. They aren't much but they are done. I actually made all 4 of the coasters but was using one when I took the picture. The pouches only required the zippers and side seams finished.

All in all I suppose that I didn't really buy anything extravagant or outrageous except the circle cutter but I can make a real case for something that saves my wrist. I did finish 3 UFO's, quilted two quilts, started and finished a fleece blanket, and finished clue one on the Quiltville mystery... all in one week. I just am glad I've decided to work this summer because this not buying fabric and not spending money is very expensive!!!!!!!


Vicki W said...

I don't think you did so bad. You already used the fleece and most of the other purchases are supplies. Wait until you see my report for next week! Went on a little internet shopping spree last night.....

Vicky said...

Shucks, you don't even need to count the fleece as it was for an immediate project. And the notion is a one-time purchase and will be used a lot. So don't count that either! And you certainly don't need to worry about the thread. That's a must-have! See? You have a fabulous week!!!

Norma said...

I love tha crossword fleece! If I had seen it, I probably would have bought it too! Even if UFOs are small, their finishes count! I love the colorful coasters!

Sweet P said...

You are doing OK. Hang in there. I was doing well until I started planning my Butterfly Garden quilt. I have to buy all the floss for it and this morning I decided I didn't like my first set of fabric choices so I have some shopping to do.

Your round coasters are adorable.

Jen said...

That's ok, one week into my "Finish it up month" and I've yet to sew. I don't work on UFO's because they don't make me happy...why did I do this to myself????

Yeah I think I need to start a new project and PRONTO.

Susan said...

Considering what you got for what you spent, and considering that you immediately began using it, I would say you needed what you got, and you did well!

KathySWFL said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Most of what you purchased is supplies. I really like your coasters and pouches.


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