Thursday, January 10, 2008

State of Our Backsides

****edit at the end
Ladies (and Gentlemen if you're reading), it is nearly time for the State of the Union address. I would like to present the "State of Our Backsides Address." Right now, before you read any further, I'd like you to stretch around, twist your waist and look at your backside. Do you have to twist very far or can you just move your eyes from side to side to see it overhanging off of your chair? Do you walk into a room and the door hits you on the backside? Does your backside look suspiciously like your favorite quilting chair? Our passion, the thing we like to do the most in the world is not very conducive to a small backside. The extent of our activity is pulling out the checkbook to buy more fabric. We sit for hours at a time. We stand (occasionally) for a few minutes to iron, then go right back to sitting. I propose that we start our own Backside Revolution! (No, that doesn't mean jumping from side to side and calculating how long after stopping your feet, your backside will stop wiggling!) Let's get in shape! Whatever that means to you. If that means losing weight, lose weight. If that means exercise, exercise. If that means eating healthy, eat healthy. YOU know what you need.

I have lost some weight and you have all been so supportive. I get emails every day that say, "I need to lose weight too," and "I really need to exercise more." Ya' know what?! You can do it! When are we going to realize that our backsides, and frontsides,and weakened hearts and flabby muscles are limiting us, shortening our lives and cutting down on the time we have to use up our stash!

Now before anyone thinks I'm preaching, I'm not. I'm a very selfish person. I need help and I figure the best way I can do it is to involve others! I haven't weighed this little since I got married. I MUST maintain this at the least and lose an additional 30 lbs at the best. I NEED SUPPORT. Plain and simple. Selfish, selfish but.....I figure if we do it together, we can be cheerleaders. Sooooo.....I've set up a Mr. Linky thingy like we use for Judy's stashbusting reports. Because I could only use certain names, I had to call this the Weds. Weightloss report. Here is how it will work. On Weds. we will post our "State of My Backside Report." It doesn't need to be fussy. You can post your exercise for the week or weight loss. Whatever works for you. Remember, many of us belong a quilty blog groups and you'll still need to maintain the quilty content that is required from your group. I checked with Judy before I began this and have her approval.

Now,I know this is Thursday but I really don't want to wait until next week to begin. This will be a short week.

My report is that I must be honest and change my ticker to reflect my weight. I gained 3.5 lbs by not exercising and eating poorly over the holidays. SO I am off to change my ticker....(head held low and really, really mad at myself!) JOIN IN! DON'T LET ME DO THIS ALONE!! I'LL POUT! I thank you for joining in, my husband thanks you, my backside thanks you and I'd imagine the people that walk behind me thank you!

Figured out I posted the link incorrectly, have corrected it below....We will not be called Weightloss Weds. This is the "State of Our Backsides" Report. Sorry so many time to publish confused!


Pam said...

Morah!! Good for you! Good for all of us! I go to Curves but slacked off for a while, so I am back at it and have posted a "countdown" ticker on my site. I set a minimum goal of 200 sessions for the year.

Unfortunately this wk I have the flu and only went on Monday! darn it!


Susan said...

I did go walk today! Yay! Not far enough or long enough, but all I could muster, plus an extra .2 mile after I thought I'd die. =)

Screen Door said...

I've said time and time again--- if quilting were only and aerobic activity-- how thin we all would be. I struggle because after working all day exercise is not the fun thing I want to do...quilting is. But lately I've been rewarding myself with quilting only after I exercise.

Elaine Adair said...

Count me in! It's TIME!

Today, I had enough nerve to set on the scale.
Today, I will walk (the snow everywhere really IS a deterrent!)
Today, I will begin a more healthy lifestyle.

Hey, if YOU can do it, then I can do it

I am so proud of you! 8-)

Shelina said...

I was hoping to quietly and surreptitiously get more fit and lose weight, and wow people. I've gained weight the last month too, and working on getting it back down. I added a ticker again on my blog. This year, I will actually be able to show progress!


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