Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Retreat accomplishments

This is the UGLY table runner I finished at retreat. I didn't get a picture of it with the binding. I was so THRILLED to get it out of my house that I practically threw it at my daughter. I told the retreat ladies, "the first one to enter my house and claim to like this thing gets to take it home." My girls couldn't say "I want it," fast enough. They are obviously seriously lacking in decorations to need this thing. Ms. A got it. Mrs. S is getting another, custom made for her, so I suppose that means that Ms. A is truly the desperate one! LOL!!! This is a project posted by the Happy Zombie. The Happy Zombie has a gallery for these table runners....I think I'll pass! It is also the table runner that an online group I belong to has chosen as its January project.
This, on the other hand, came out sooooo cute. I love it, it took about an hour to fuse, quilt and bind. It comes from the book Special Occasion Wall Hangings and I love nearly every pattern in it!

I also finished one and one half tops. Pictures after I quilt them.


Vicki W said...

I laughed out loud at your story!

Jen said...

Your story gives me a good idea of what I should do with my Harvest Spice quilt. I'm going to quilt it just so it stops hanging over my head in shame! I really like the flag wallhanging!

The Quilter said...

You may not have liked the final product, but if you learned a new technique or practiced a construction method, it wasn't a total waste of time. I maybe wouldn't have used quite so many different floral prints in the squares of the runner, but you did an excellent job on the star points in the sashing. The stars and stripes wall hanging is adorable.

atet said...

LOL...ya know -- that table runner isn't so bad. I'm with Ms. A on this one! Love that wall hanging as well! Happy belated anniversary -- looks like you had a wonderful time there and at retreat!

floribunda said...

your table-runner reminds me of a basketweave quilt I made a few years ago with a bunch of different floral prints -- but yours came out much nicer! maybe it's one of those things that just helps you clarify what "your taste" is!

happy zombie said...

Too funny your story! I think it's fun to make something you don't end up liking... or using something you don't like - because there's always someone who will love it. I've used some fabs where they looked so great when I had bolts stacked up... and then cut and sewn back together if became a "what was I thinking". And someone will come along and gush all over it. How easy to say, "here, it's yours", LOL

I hope you reconsider on wanting to put the runner in the gallery. :o) Please let me know if you change your mind, k. thehappyzombie [at] gmail [dot] com


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