Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another question

You guys never let me down and this is a question that I have a hard time forming. Basically the question is "What settings do I put my camera on so that I get an uploaded picture that is not ENORMOUS!." My camera is a 12 megapixel. It takes these enormous pics that I have to resize. I don't want to resize every single picture I take. I know that I don't understand the pixels and such. I know that I have no business having a hoopty doopty camera with more features than I probably need. BUT as long as I have it I want to use it. Can you help?


SandyQuilts said...

I don't resize my 10 megapixel. I upload all my photos to my webshots account. Then I use the LINK IT from webshots and copy the HTML into blogger.

When writing you blogger note use the HTML tab.

This will also elimiate the problem of filling up your alloted space within blogger for photos.

OR you can download and use Window Live.
I don't use it so you'll have to search for a tutorial.

Good Luck

SheilaC said...

I upload my pics to first. You can resize the pictures very easily and then save them to your computer to add to your blog.
You can also crop and do other editing in the free version.

I didn't want the pics to take forever to load, so I have always done it that way.


The Calico Cat said...

I upload to flickr first...

But I could choose a less sharp setting on my camera. That would inevitable backfire all over my face if I was to go from shooting blog stuff to Jacob & then wanted to proint out the photos of my son - they would not be very nice... (So would you really want to learn how to make less nice photos - only to forget to switch back when you wanted to get a nice shot...)

paula, the quilter said...

To change the setting on your camera click your menu button and then choose the jpg size. Stay away from 'fine' and choose compressed or standard. If you use a service like flicker you can upload your photo and then get various sizes to use in your blog. HTH.


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