Friday, January 01, 2010


Lots of questions...

1. Do you use a Reader Service? I have both bloglines and Google reader. Can't decide which I like better. Bloglines is more user friendly. Google Reader more effecient. (Bloglines didn't update at all yesterday until late at night)

2. Are there any New Year Challenges out there? I'm looking for something to challenge me for the year. Haven't decided if Judy's Stashbuster Challenge is it or not. In fact, I don't even know if she is doing it this year.

3.Do you comment? I rarely comment anymore as it is soooo time consuming. However, without comments, how does someone know you are reading? (yes I have a ticker) Comments are like an answer in a conversation and an acknowlegement that someone is out there in blog land. Do you care?


SandyQuilts said...

Google reader hands and feet down it.

Yes I comment not on every blog I follow but most.

AND absolutely I really care when the owner doesn't respond back ... it only takes a second. I answer every comment left on my blog but then I guess not that many comment on my blog.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I use Google reader and it does what I want usually without fail.

For New Year's challenges . . . I just saw that BumbleBeans ( put up a challenge that you might be interested in.

Commenting: I subscribe to a lot of blogs and there is no way I can comment on them all. If I see something that I really love or if it is someone that I've corresponded with, I will try to comment. I always reply to comments left on my blog. There seems to be a lot of pressure and some etiquette made up about commenting and replying. In my opinion, someone shouldn't feel obligated to comment or reply if they don't want to!

paula, the quilter said...

I'm a Google reader user. I read a lot of blogs and am so impatient when it comes to load times that G.R. is the way for me. It also is on a white background which is easier for me to read than those on black or colored backgrounds.

Challenges? Nope.

Like I said earlier, I read a log of blogs. If it is something that I am interested in, then I will leave a comment. If it happens to be a mega-blog like Crazy Aunt Purl or Pioneer Woman, I don't bother because I know I'll get no answer. I like answers, it is like have a conversation with someone.


Patchwork Penguin said...

1. I used Google Reader... got tired of bloglines lag.

2. You found my UFO Challenge - Nice to have found you too :o)

3. I don't comment all the time. Mainly due to schedule challenges (teaching high school cuts into quilting time). And I don't always reply to comments for the same reason. But I do like to hear from people and I do try to comment when I can.

Not sure if that helped at all.

Quilty Hugs!


Jen said...

I'm a google reader girl. LOVE IT. I also read via my iphone so I don't get to comment on 80% of the blogs that I'd like to. I'm lucky if I get through my blog roll in a timely fashion.

Elaine Adair said...

1. Yes, I use Bloglines and am usually happy with it.
2. Challenges - no, I don't know of any and personally, have enough challenges without looking for more ...
3. Comment? yes, I try, because I know how much I appreciate hearing from others, knowing they rea something I wrote, or made. Don't always, but much of the time. We all need those pats on the head. 8-))

the writer said...

I don't use a reader. . . at least I don't think I do. There is still alot out there that I don't understand how to use.

As far as challenges, I'm just posting to Judy's blog. . .plus I have my own self imposed challenges.

Comments. . .I don't always comment but I try to on occasion. I like getting comments because it lets me meet new people. . .plus sometimes I get other information that I wouldn't have had otherwise.


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