Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My quilts in use

I receive lots of comments on my classroom. I teach both the L'dor V'dor class, meaning from generation to generation (I teach Jewish customs and holidays) and I am the librarian. I share a room with myself. I have many quilts and wallhangings for decorations. The quilts add softness and warmth to my very square, very hard surroundings. I also have a loft. The kindergarteners recently used the loft to put on a puppet show. Look what they used to create the theater.

(before you ask why I'm letting the kids play with THIS quilt..... I loved this quilt. I used quilt shop fabric and it wasn't an inexpensive one to make. I waited about 2 years to have it quilted. However, I made poor choices....I let her use her batting without asking what type it was. It's very poofy. I chose the wrong panto. In short, my very favorite quilt became my least favorite because of the quilting. Lesson learned. However, it is a great puppet theater backdrop!)

Here the dragon is telling a story.


Here the cat is listening to the dragons story. P1140053

In this picture the elephant and fish (that orange blur) make an appearance.


It was such a thrill watching this entire puppet show evolve. Unfortunately, I had to cut it short as they needed to leave, but I'm sure that next week the show will return.(unfortunately you can't see the curtains I added to the bottom of the loft because I removed them for washing.)

" BYE" said the cat.


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Lori in South Dakota said...

the many uses of a quilt in a child's imagination!


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