Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash Report

I am getting ready for retreat!!!! Really. Really, Really and truly. Now in order to get ready for retreat I am cutting triangles (that's for tomorrows report), and getting projects ready.

Once I finish the triangle quilt (my goal is to have it ready to show for the March guild meeting! Aren't I optimistic!!) I will need a back. A HUGE back. So as long as I am going to have a huge palette, I decided to make the back a solid so I can display mini quilts (aka, the UFO's I poop out on and never quite get big enough to cover my king sized bed) and make some toppers (this is what Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan have graciously dubbed these larger than wall hanging but too small for a bed, quilts). (In all fairness I LOVE the toppers books and the entire idea fits my "eyes bigger than stomach" mentality) Plus I certainly didn't have 10-12 yds of one fabric sitting around. Well a huge solid palette required shopping!

That triangle quilt, as my friend puts it, sucks up alot of fabric. Because it is a scrap quilt, I couldn't have toooooo many of one fabric in it and had already run through all of my homespuns. Some twice! That required more shopping! (when this quilt is finished I will have only scraps left in homespuns and homespun-like materials)

In order to make pillow cases on retreat, I needed to get solids to go in the little flange. Naturally, I didn't have the right colors AND Hancocks had 50% off of Kona Cotton.......It required more shopping!

In all fairness to my buying binge this week, all of the fabrics I bought for the king quilt have been turned into triangles with the leftovers waiting to be turned into proper sized scraps. (another retreat project) The solids are readied for pillowcases and the ENTIRE bolt of Kona Ivory is on alert, waiting for the top to be finished. The only thing I bought and added to the stash was a shirting that I know I will be able to use. I left all of the "prettys" at the store.

Soooo, without further ado, my stash reportFabric added this week 24 yds
Fabric used this week 0
Total added YTD 39
Total used YTD 0

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Tamera said...

Have fun on your retreat!

Sounds like the Stash Report is making you think more about your purchases. For me, that's the real value of it.


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