Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Last week I posted my empty wall because of retreat. I figured that this week I'd post the design wall FROM retreat. It runs the entire length of the room (for more on retreat check back later this week). As we are in the midst of creating we throw it up on the design wall. Now these beauties aren't all my creations. I just thought you'd like to take a looksee at the design wall I looked at all last week. I didn't get a chance to take pictures until most of the projects were finished. I was, after all, busy making my own additions to the design wall!

This is a top created by my table partner. It's from the Turning Twenty Around The Block book. LOVE THE COLORS. I'm not a fan of the Turning Twenty quilts but I really like this one!
Turning 20 around the block I

I don't know WHO might be working on a bazillion triangle quilt. Here are two of the 4 finished rows. The measurement is going to be 114 X 120.....SOMEONE is NUTS!

Isn't this pretty! Made from the "Simple Stars, Beautiful Quilts" No Diamonds, book. See the bear in the corner? It's made from UT fabric and really cute.

This top was created with this pattern. I'd never even heard of Art Gallery Fabrics before!


Another Turning Twenty Quilt


The table runner on the left is from Connecting Threads. The purse is a Runaround Bag by Lazy Girl. The one on the right? No idea.


This is Ms. CCCat's. Isn't it soooo pretty in the 30's prints!


Love the colors on this one.


The wall hanging is from a pattern called Seasonal Skinnys by Crazy Old Lady Quilts. The quilt on the right is from a pattern in Quilts n' More. We have all made a number of this particular pattern. It's wonderful because it's huge blocks.

One of our quilting friends doesn't quilt at all! She is a sewer. She makes all of her husbands shirts and this is one of the one's she finished


I don't remember what pattern my table partner was using to create this beauty. She is SO prolific at a machine she cranks out the tops all week long!


This is one of my favorites! It is created by drawing the stars on freezer paper and cutting apart. I think I like it so well because I know I'd NEVER do this pattern. I kept trying to steal this but she INSISTED on taking it home with her!

Mine. It is for DH. He was thrilled. If you can't see the print, it's Cleveland Cavalier fabric and basketballs.

The second one for DH. I figure he supports all of this quiltting business, the least I can do is make him one....or two! This one is the Cleveland Browns. If you look at the top (only) border, it is a dog print. It's the DOG POUND!!!! LOLOOLOLOLOLOL!!!! If you aren't a Cleveland fan or a football fan you won't get it!

One of the 4 pillowcases I made.


Kathie said...

Thanks so much for sharing all these pics, they are all lovely. Makes me want to go on a retreat.

Kathie L.

Diane said...

I love a quilt show! thanks for sharing.
Yes, hmmm, WHO is making that triangle quilt? Hope to see more of it in the future!

Quilter Kathy said...

THat was a fun quilt show!

Ivani said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures. It seems the retreat was a great fun.

Amy said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful time at your quilt retreat and looks like everyone is getting lots accomplished!

Bonnie said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for sharing with us - it's great to see so many different styles and colors!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Looks like everyone was pretty busy at retreat! Everything looks great!

Purple Pam said...

It looks like you all had a very productive retreat. Thank you for sharing all the great pictures.


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