Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well....I know that this isn't strictly a post about my design wall.....However, in a sense, it is.....Because we are on our way to retreat! Whoo hoo! How can I post what is ON my design wall when everything from it is IN the car? This car holds all that is necesary to create a great design wall!! If I have an internet connection once we arrive, I will post an additional entry with a real wall with stuff on it!!!! Ohhhhh ok, to be fair, here is the empty one at home!!LOL!!

This is all the junk three women need to spend 4 days away from home sewing!

View from the back....

View from the front.....

The three amigas! Packed, ready and waiting for morning!
Just waiting for morning!

Hope I didn't anger anyone with my unorthodox posting for design wall monday!!

Pop over to Judy's blog for a look at the other entrys that actually have quilts!


Diane said...

I think it's ok to post an empty wall..... Going on retreat and not taking all of us with you, hmmm not so sure about that one tho'! Hoping you have a blast-and can get everything back in your car when it's time to come home :)

Tamera said...

I LOVE the pics of all the stuff you took!

Have enough fun for all of us, will you?

Quilter Kathy said...

Very exciting! Have a great time and show us what you sewed!

Gari said...

Your blank wall looked just like my blank wall last week. But think what we will get to see when you get home!!

Judy said...

I looked really hard and I didn't see any junk--I bet you are having so much fun!!! I can't wait read about it.

Teaquilts said...

I'm okay with your empty design wall knowing I'll get to see more progress on your projects when you return...I'm anxiously waiting.


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