Sunday, January 03, 2010


Well, I don't COUNT my stash as busted until it is finished. It's my method. However, that doesn't prevent me from showing how I'm getting to that busted total. Unfortunately, I managed to buy....ALOT yesterday. I am making a super secret sports quilt for DH at retreat. It will be Cleveland Browns on one side and Cleveland Cavaliers on the other. I had the focus prints but nothing to go with them. While we were there, we found birthday fabric that I've been looking for for months. Plus I added a few pieces of homespuns for my triangle quilt. All except the birthday fabric should be cut before retreat and used and finished by the end of the month....(yeah right!) The homespuns have all been cut already.

I need 750 triangles....I have about 520 cut!

Fabric added 15 yds
Fabric used 0
total +15 yds

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Brenda said...

Love it!!!


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