Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ms. Ruthie and I have been working out. Alot. She has been with a trainer for 6 weeks. I just had two sessions but had been doing cardio only for the previous 6 weeks. Last week we hit it hard. I don't know if I was trying to keep up with her, she was trying to keep up with me or we were both being stupid. Today the proverbial fan was hit!
Yesterday at school, I bent over. It shouldn't have caused too much stress on my body... it's something I do everyday. However, on Tuesday the trainer had me working my lower body. He thought I could do a million lunges, squats and stairs and even though I wasn't so sure, so I complied. Ugggg. Weds., I nearly cried each time I raised and lowered myself into the itty bitty child sized chairs in my room. Getting up and down off of the floor was agony. Walking up and down my loft stairs challenging. (A two year old ran into my room and immediately in the loft. He wasn't supposed to be there and wouldn't come down. I whined at I HAVE to come up and GET you?) Weds. night I stupidly went and did cardio. I was instantly reminded that I'd worked my legs but kept on going. Thurs. was upper body. Easy Peasy. Oh yeah???? I felt fine yesterday. My legs seemed to be back to semi normal. My arms and back were sore but not unbearable. That is, until I bent over. It is a simple little movement, but my body revolted and I pulled a muscle. In my leg you ask? My arm? No......MY TUSH! It's actually the muscle that you feel when you sit crossed legged. Mine happens to be very stretchy but obviously not THAT stretchy cause it HURT!. As the day progressed my left arm began to get sore...then my shoulder and then....NO ARMPIT!
Today Ms. Ruthie and I decided to limp to the gym. Ms. Ruthie's tricep hurt so bad that she wished she had a sling. She slogged her way through the bike. She usually pounds it out on the treadmill. I did my ab work..... I did squats....hmmm...a bit of tachycardia. Not bad, but enough to make me wait 20 mins. for it to stop before I began again. (this something I live with. don't worry about it. If it had been bad, I'd have stopped) Ok, Off to the stairs...I made it up, two at a time without the handrails. Yeah ME! Tush hurt a bit but not bad enough to quit. Go to lunges....AHHHH! I nearly fell over. The muscle wouldn't do it. Go back to find Ms. Ruthie, sweating, something she never does, on the bike. She is in agony with her arm. I am in agony with my leg. We decide to go to the track. Surely a simple walk wouldn't do anymore damage. We wondered if perhaps there was a lane marked especially for "exercise challenged preschool teachers trying to look like they were 20 again." There wasn't but we persevered. Perhaps we didn't get MUCH done today, but at least we weren't on the couch. Tomorrow, who knows. It may be as far as we get.

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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Ouch! Maybe you need a few laps in a nice pool or to sit a bit in a hot tub...


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