Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Playing with my Friends...Presents

Ilove playing with my friends...whether they are young or old! These two, Miss Kitten and Miss Monkey, happen to be my most favoriteist friends of all. We haven't gotten together for quite a while and I missed our playtime. One afternoon I picked them up from school,for an afternoon of fun. We began at my house for a snack. It was cold (uhmmm , that's relative here. It IS south Texas) and I had hot cocoa. I really didn't want to give them cookies or more sweets, but what else can you eat with cocoa? Ms. Monkey took her cookie and instead of dunking it, dropped it in the cocoa! She thought it was hysterical! One spoon later, she decided she didn't want cookies. Not want cookies!!! Are You KIDDING me?

school camera 159

Cucumbers? YES! YES! This is what they want with their cocoa. CUCUMBERS! This little thing, cookies vs. cucumbers assures that we are totaly unrelated! Then to boot, they dunked their cucumbers into the cocoa! Nummy!

school camera 162

I had so much fun making them a present. I was at Joanns and they had fleece blankets...a monkey and a kitten! How could I resist???

school camera 163

PC120001 school camera 167

Ms. Kitten was particulary thrilled. You see, Minkee loves fleece blankets. The day I made the kitten blanket she decided to uhm.. investigate (read, scratch at it). Well, the back is a lovely solid pink.....so.....When Ms. Kitten discovered that Minkee "signed" her cat blanket, she was thrilled!!!

PC120003 school camera 165

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