Friday, January 07, 2011

Shop With a Cop

I know it's a bit late to talk about this but....I want a record of it so here goes.

In December I volunteered with the Shop with a Cop program. I was surprised that so many
policing agencies participated.
2010-12-21 09.35.26

I was paired with a little girl......

2010-12-21 11.37.37

....and a guy from Border Patrol. Both were soooo shy!

2010-12-21 11.31.01

Of course our local police were represented. This guy is a "new guy." He graduated about 2 months ago. I helped out with the "scenarios"portion of their schooling. I'm not saying I was difficult during those scenarios but....he remembered me.

2010-12-21 11.33.00

Members of the IndoorFootball Team, The Hammerheads also participated. They were dynamic and added alot of spice to both the shopping and lunch experience.

2010-12-21 11.34.28 2010-12-21 11.35.03 2010-12-21 11.36.03

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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

A couple years ago my youngest (9 at the time) was able to Shop with a Cop. This was the first year his Officer partner was part of the program. He told us that he was so happy to have Robbie partner with him because Robbie is such a well behaved young man. He was worried that he was going to get a child that wasn't very well behaved. They spent the afternoon giggling and having some mature conversations also. I think Shop with a Cop is a wonderful program.


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