Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ride Aong...with the Parking Control?????

I volunteer with our police department. I was, "loaned out" to help with a project with the Parking Control Department. We never got a chance to work on the project. After the guy picked me up at the police station, on the way to his office, he received a call of a water main break. He looked at me and said "Wanna go see?" Me? Wanting to experience an adventure? Are you kidding me? "Of COURSE I want to go see!"

2010-12-29 14.52.28

Luckily, eventually, the heros arrived to turn off the water! Show over!

2010-12-29 15.01.28

By the time we got to the Parking Patrol Office (a word I use very lightly's more like a cave), there was no time to work on the project. Mr. Parking Patrol Manager took me on a tour of the cave. There was a room filled with these!

2010-12-29 15.40.57

2010-12-29 15.41.04

Parking meters in various states of assembly! To be honest, I've never given a parking meter a second thought! But, it seems that they, like everything else in the world, have a home, and someone in charge of them. And when the meters are many, many years old (and like me past their prime) they need repaired. No botox or fancy creams here. Just a lone man, 80 something years old, that repairs the meters. (my"tour guide" told me that this man is one of a dying breed. That once he is gone, there is noone here that is able to repair the meters. I told him it reminded me of a watch repairman. He agreed.) No sending them in for updates. These are good old fashioned mechanical objects here. With everything going electronic, I bet in a few years his workbench will be a thing of the past.

2010-12-29 15.41.10

Two steps away from the parking meters were the police bikes. Don't know if they were in for repair or this is where they live but I got a picture nonetheless.

2010-12-29 15.41.23

It just goes to show that there is adventure in everything. When my girls were little, we used to take our adventure baskets and go look for adventures. I never in a million years thought that a few hours with the Parking Patrol would be this interesting. Or this much adventure! Go figure!

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