Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stash Report

I've been thinking about stash this morning. We have fabric stash and then we have all the rest of the stash. The gidgets and gadgets. The tools, rulers, sticky things, storage containers. The thread and oooooo don't forget the quilt patterns, clothing patterns, craft patterns, magazines, books, computer printouts, and saved computer files of our someday projects. Like the fabric stash, these things overwhelm me. Which leads me to....

I've been cleaning. Cleaning with a purpose. I've managed to cull 50, no that is not a typo, 50 patterns, books, and other assorted items. I can't wait to share my trash with others!! LOL!! I am going to retreat next week and have decided to hold a silly little giveaway so all 20 participants walk away with something. Most of the items are patterns that I've accumulated from $1 sales, Half Price book clearance etc. But some of the patterns and books are "good ones." One that I bought, still like, but know I'll never ever work on. It is so freeing knowing that these items will no longer be weighing me down.

I cleaned out clothing patterns, size 20, don't need those any longer, to "sell" at our monthly guild silent auction. I've purged out quilty gift items that I've received but will never use.
I've even yanked things off of the shelf that pain me but I know, know, know, I just like owning and won't ever actually see finished.

Fabric. Well, I used a whole .5 yard this week recovering this. REad about it here. It's a super functional table that I use constantly at home and is fab. for traveling to retreat.

I also made an additional padded ironing surface to take to retreat.

Pop over to Judy's blog and see how others are actually busting fabric!

Used this Week: .5
Used year to Date: .5
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 0
Net Used for 2011: .5

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katie z. said...

Wow! You're doing some great work


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