Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stash Report

I've decided to use this stash report to track my fabric as opposed to feeling guilty for purchasing. I really do not want to buy...often. However, on occasion, it is a necessity...whether physical (need to right shade of fabric) or mental, (need to fondle some new fabric)

I did however clear 13 yards! I made all of these pillowcases from flannel. I had bought it from Joanns the day after Thanksgiving. I wanted to make myself a robe but gosh it is too thin and (so aggrivating) printed off grain! My friend didn't realize what she said when she told me to make a pillowcase! I made a few for me, a few for my fellow roommates at retreat, plus a few from golf fabric for my husband (hey, he supports my quilting habit and deserves something once in a while too!) I made the pillowcases a few inches bigger all the way around to try to compensate if they shrink.


I discovered that it requires a boatload of fabric to make the number of kippot needed for Aviva's wedding. Naturally I don't have enough candy fabric! I bought M&M and Tootsie Roll fabricsthat are so cute!

The tally....

Used this Week: 13
Used year to Date: 13.5
Added this Week: 6
Added Year to Date: 6
Net Used for 2011: 7.5

Scoot on over to Judy's blog and catch up on all the other participating stash busters!


Tamera said...

Those pillowcases use up LOTS of stash, don't they?

Bonnie said...

Neat way to take a bite out of your stash. Especially a piece of fabric you are not enamored with anymore.

camobel said...

It will not work in fact, that is exactly what I think.


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