Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is my story....

As you can see, the title isn't Stash report......

Retreat + Quilty codependants + 1/2 price, yes HALF PRICE quilt shop fabric....and not the garbage that has never sold but the ENTIRE stock in the store =

Stash Enhancement drunken delight and giddiness a very quietly stated stash report.

Here was my reasoning and see if you too would have given in to all of the above influences.
1. The price of cotton is about to rise dramaticlly. The quilt shop owners told us that the price of fabric is going to rise a minimum of $1/yard. They wanted to clear the stock so they could put out the more expensive new lines. No, they weren't just trying to sell us, here is an article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer backing their claim.

2. I bought name brand, Moda ect., for half price!

3. I bought only 3 pretties. I focused on Marbles, blenders, backgrounds, lights, and compliments/backgrounds to specialty lines (cowboy ect).
4. We went to two different shops. One had the entire store at 1/2 price and the other had quite a number bolts. The second store had Christmas fabric on sale. I bought some fabulous Americana, red/white/blue fabrics from the Christmas sale. Those were only 20% off. Still a good price.

5. I made a deal with myself not to feel tooooo guilty if I buy fabric but to seriously curtail my spending this year. Ahem....I may have failed in the curtail part in January, but perhaps it will equal out in July when I won't need to buy??

USAGE since last report
---The kippot for Aviva's wedding used 12 1/2 yds! They actually used over 13 but I have a number of scraps and will count that when I use it. Because the kippot are curved and have 4 pieces in each the top and the lining, they consume a lot of fabric.
---Pillowcases (using the newly aquired fabric) 6 yds.
---Three table runners (I only count fabric from my stash when projects are finished) 6 yds.
---100 ft. of clothesline and 3 partial spools of thread for a clothesline basket.

All in all a good two weeks.

Used this Week: 24.5
Used year to Date: 38
Added this Week: 42.5
Added Year to Date: 48.5
Used for 2011: 10.5

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Looks like you had fun!


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