Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another off the list!

We finished this cowboy quilt just in the nick of time!!! This little quilt consists of blocks leftover from the main quilt I made (as of yet just a top!). These 9 blocks are leftovers and I had put them together for a little wallhanging. Our charity group meets at the JCC where I work and we decided to border the wallhanging and donate it to the JCC for their annual fundraiser. I'm

as nervous as a mama about people liking it and wanting to actually spend money to take it home. All I see on it is the thread nests on the back where we had a bit of trouble with quilting, the fact that I hadn't squared anything up (it was just leftovers for me!) and so the borders are not perfectly flat and the fact that there are two darks next to one another. I know I'm being critical but I can't help it. If I were keeping it for myself I wouldn't be near this critical. I've also decided that if it doesn't receive the bid I want it to get, I'll buy it back myself. We'll see tonight if I bring the quilt back home that I considered


2. had put in the corner of my "to do" list

3. have not only bought the fabric, backing and batting but will have spent money to buy it back!!!

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