Sunday, April 13, 2008


I finally have something to add to the minus column. I finished the little cowboy quilt. I bound 2 of 4 quilts BUT only one of them will count towards my totals. The others are charity quilts we have finished. Hopefully I will have more pictures in the finished column by mid week. My total "out the door" fabric is 30 yards. I'm not telling what my purchases are.....let's just say I fail miserably at BUSTING stash and am in the plus column in net usage! I think I'll need to sew 42 hours/day to get caught up!!! I don't think I qualify for the stashbusting report any longer.....I'm definately not the poster child!!!


Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, yes! You still qualify. If we were all strong and could stop buying fabric, we wouldn't need each other. You just keep at it and together we will make a difference. Your little cowboy quilt is very cute!

Sue R said...

You busted 30 yards, and you're using up fabric and finishing projects. That makes you a stashbuster in my book. Way to go! I like the colors in your cowboy quilt too!

Greenmare said...

skip the stashbusting, go put that little black dress back on and have night out again! you look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!


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