Thursday, April 24, 2008

Once Again...There ARE great Business owners

A while back I wrote here how much I loved the log cabin (scroll down to see) ruler by Marti Michell. Well, the post was read by Marti's Husband and I wrote about how nice I thought they were. In December Marti Michell offered a free corner trimming template though the Quiltmaker magazine. I sent away and promptly forgot about it. When I got it I was ho hum because having forgotten that I'd sent away for it, I went out and bought the Fons & Porter corner trimmer set. In all fairness, I hadn't used it. When I received the MM corner trimmer I couldn't imagine why I would need it in addition to the one I bought! Was I ever wrong! I read the directions and discovered that this little thing could help me to trim my binding before joining! Plus, the very best thing of all, the thing I was singing and dancing about is that it helped me to figure out and correctly cut angles to join the two ends of the binding strips to make your binding contimuous as you are attaching it to your quilt! No fold overs, no tuck this inside of that, no straight line seams....just beautiful angled seams! YES!

So why the heading "There are great business owners" ......I lost the directions to this little beauty. I wrote the company and they said sure they'd send me a new set.....I received them yesterday. Along with another corner trimmer! How nice was that!!!!! I don't know if this little template is for sale or not but every single one of us should write to MM and tell her to market it. It is great!


paula, the quilter said...

I have that point trimmer too and just love it! I also have Template Set A and Template Set B. I'm considering Template Set C. Don't you just love tools that make things easier?

Teresa said...

I want one!!!! It takes me at least 3 or 5 attempts (my record is 9) to get those binding ends joined without twisting them. I am gonna have to go on a hunt for one.


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