Sunday, April 06, 2008

The State of our Backsides

AHHH! Did ya think I'd forgotten or given up on this??? Nah! I've just taken some time off to not exercise regularly, put on weight and feel crappy!! LOL!!! IT IS okay though because I've managed to nip it before it got out of control. Here is a big incentive for me. Mrs. S. looks great!!!! She now weighs 3 lbs. less than me and that is unacceptable! We are both determined to lose 20 lbs ( in my case re-lose some of that!) by the time we go to Las Vegas. I know we will do it because ....well, because she doesn't want me to weigh less then her and I don't want her to weigh less than me! (mixed up those pesky then and than's so that I will only annoy you with ONE mistake!!!!)

DH helped me to create this spreadsheet complete with formulas that add and subtract and do everything but exercise for me. My goal is to 1. exercise for a total of 300 minutes/week 2. burn 2000 calories/week 3. walk or exercise the equivalent of 10 miles/week (more on this in a minute). These are last weeks totals. I don't remember where I got the time and calories totals. I do believe it was some maniacal, muscle pumping site because it is killing me! I don't think that I have attained my goal even once in the past 4 weeks! Well, I was in Ohio for nearly two of those weeks but still! I'm not discouraged because anything is better than nothing.

My sisters' gym has a 120 mile challenge going. I told her that I thought it sounded like fun and I wanted to do it. Well we have a family blog and the idea snowballed. We have a family-120 mile challenge going. We are getting really competitive about it!! LOL!! Not only do actual miles count, but we gave equivalencies to exercise classes. Even my 10 yo. niece has joined in the fun. There are 7 family members trying to get in shape before summer. (I realize my total under the miles column doesn't add correctly. It's a continuation of the previous entry.) Because I'm being challenged on so many levels, you can count on, or dread, weekly "backside reports" at least until the end of June. Right now I'm ready to collapse because I walked "around the block." My block is 4 miles long! I haven't done this walk in quite a while and it was a push. My legs, back and toes, yes, toes, are very tired and groaning.

Soo00, jump on the bandwagon to get healthy! Join us in our effort to get off our duffs and move! Drop me a line about your progress! I need all the encouragement, support and commiseration I can get!


Teresa said...

Good luck with your exercise program. I keep promising to start walking but so far, about the only real walking I do is back and forth to the kitchen.

Love the bag and coasters. Great job!

Greenmare said...

good job! My "block" is 5 miles around, and I sure didn't do it today... it's pouring out. sigh. I'm falling off the walk wagon. But I will climb back on starting tomorrow!!!


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