Saturday, April 05, 2008

Goals for April

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Although I am a bit slow to the gate, I still have many goals that are not merely "wannabes" this month. Most of my goals are "haveto's" Sometimes the haveto's are waaayyy harder to achieve then that wannados. Here we go. Maybe if I see this in print it will spur me on....


1. Bind 3 charity quilts
2. Bind ME quilt
3. Veronica bag for DD's
4. make grocery bags from old ugly fabrics
5. make apron for a dear friend
6. make napkins for Passover


7. get my flower beds weeded and mulched
8. feed and fertilize
9. ready house for Passover

Last but certainly not least...the most important....the one I dread because it involves my checkbook...

10. DO MY TAXES! I've not even started!

Gosh I am tired just looking at the list. However, because they are havetos, I'm signing off and getting started.....but not with the taxes!

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