Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Find the napkin

Thought you might enjoy a photo of my napkins. It's amazing when you figure out how to use a piece of equipment....and it works! I've had my serger for AT LEAST 3 years. Just figured out how to do a rolled hem and am thrilled....making napkins out of everything! I made napkins from my leftover matzo fabric. My girlfriend asked "Why do you have a piece of matzo on each plate?" In the background you can catch a glimpse of the other napkins I made. I'll try to photograph those later. .....Maybe....I have a code in by does and by head feels tuffy!


Joyce said...

I have a serger too and I agree that the rolled hem is just amazing.

Elaine Adair said...

This is an ignorant questions but when you have problems on the LA, and have to rip, does a person actually have to get on the floor, under the quilt, with bifocals yet? and do that ripping out? Frankly, I don't think that is possible when one wears bifocals!

Sweet P said...

Those napkins are great!

Greenmare said...

oh my gosh you have matza napkins! want to come show me how to use my serfer???? mine has been holding down my closet floor for about 12 years

Jen said...

oHHHH YOU need to make matzo hot could quilt them in rows and it would look even more like the real thing...I had to take a double take at the real one. Man, if I could find some of that fabric my mom would be giggling like a school girl. My grandpa used to get the biggest kick out of Matzo's and we ate them for was his 'thing.' It would be a good memory! Well...that and his Eauclair diet... My GMA went on a diet once and he announced at the same time he was going to eat 2 eauclair's a day while she was dieting. Yeah...he LOST 4 pounds. How, we don't know!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

LOVE my serger, but often go for long periods without using it. You got to try wooly nylon thread with a rolled hem - the effect, especially on napkins is really fun!



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