Friday, April 18, 2008

Glass Etching

Thanks to Karlie, I have a new fun thing to do! Glass etching. I have to say my first attempt was pitiful. It looked like a 6th grader did it! The etched area was....childlike! I used the diecut machine to cut letters but didn't realize until I got home that the letters were cut backwards and would not transfer correctly. So, had to use hearts. Next, I didn't coat it well enough. Next I tried to fix it by brushing some more etching material on....that just made it splotchy! Then the hearts themselves looked.....hokey! All and all not a good effort. I gave it to Mrs. S instead. Because I bought a two set package of pans, I tried again. Ms. A keeps Kosher....her style, not perfect but pretty good. One thing is that she doesn't mix milk and meat products. She also wants to begin to keep separate dishes. I had this pan so viola' instant marking! Not near as awful as my first project but I think I need to do a few more to get the thickness down pat. Thanks Karlie!


Greenmare said...

cool! maybe if I did that I'd never leave my pans in the church kitchen again. (okay who do I think I'm fooling here, I would forget) but what a great idea!

The Calico Cat said...

Now she needs a set that are Pesadik.


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