Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The beginning! We were so excited. This is Mrs. S's anniversary quilt....a few months late but being quilted. We have the perfect panto, the perfect thread....we are off!!!

We are half way throught the quilt. Still optomistic. A bit disgruntled but not too bad. This little 92X92" quilt was supposed to take us two long days of quilting to finish........Thread tension, loops on the backside, thread breakage.....day two is over and we are half way........

Day three.....I worked (at my real job) in the morning and in the afternoon we had 2 passes of the panto left and disaster......the laser light was out of line and suddenly we were busy ripping.....not too much ripping but enough that the proclomation of "the next thing to go wrong and I quit" was heard loud and clear!

WE WERE NEARLY THERE!!! MORE LOOPS....MORE POKE THROUGHS ON THE BACK! AND A FINAL THREAD BREAK! As you can see, the leader is showing......we cut our loses and quit for the day......
To be honest, Ms. CCCat had the hardest job. I quilted, she counted loops and poke throughs. She crawled around on the floor under the frame and did alot of grunt work. She cut threads and threaded the needle and threaded the needle and threaded the needle. (did I mention I CUT the quilt when I was trimming a thread!!!) This was supposed to be easy and she was supposed to be refinishing furniture in the next room.....Not to be, not to be. We never did figure out why we had so many loops ect. Thread the same as before, tension..same as before. Added a bobbin genie...better but not great. Manual on, manual off. Cruise control on, cruise control off. Stitich regulator on, stitch regulator off. Tension up, tension down....Last week everything was fine. This week WOW! .HOW DO YOU GIRLS DO THIS FOR A LIVING!!!???? And alone. We work well as a team. I can't imagine doing all of this alone. Don't get the wrong impression. Like fishing, a bad day of quilting is better than a great day at work but it can get frustrating. BUt like a bad habit.....I can't wait to do it again. This time though, CCCat quilts and I do the grunt work. I'd better learn to thread the needle, change the tension.........thread the needle, change the tension......

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