Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Done but not finished

We finished the quilt on the longarm! It looks pretty. It is swirly and curvy but you don't get to see it now until I bind it. Rules ya know. I thought I'd show a photo of Ms. CCCat doing her portion. She was stitching down the edge in this photo. It seems she did this 12 different times as I counted 12 passes of the panto. I'd have taken pictures of her threading the needle but I'd have run out of space on my camera!!! She is the fastest needle threader on the Gulf Coast!! LOL!!! Going to her house to quilt is like a visit to the petting zoo. She has a menagerie of cats and dogs...all beautifully groomed and delightful (You may know how I feel about cats but hers are just fluffy and pretty and quite honestly, I like them.'ll ruin my reputation) . I visited with a cow, caught a glimpse of a woodpecker, a red tailed hawk, a badillion cardinals, a blue bunting and a painted bunting. I listened to THE LOUDEST frogs. There were any number of mating bugs, yes you've read correctly,bugs mating everywhere! I chatted with the "red dog" (I can never remember the type....) I even became quite friendly with the loud but somewhat skittish Siberian Husky when it began to thunder. She joined me in the longarm room...where she was not supposed to be I might add. A fun few days for sure! One of us needs to get busy sewing so that we can do this again!
Da' code in by does is not any fact, it is worse. I don't feel bad...just can't breathe....a minor detail!

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