Friday, April 04, 2008


Remember the post I wrote about my dads wallhanging? It's the one that commemorates all the times we went out for ice cream. Well, as long as I was in Ohio visiting, I decided to get a picture of this little wall hanging. He keeps it in a spot of the basement! Seriously, he has it where he can enjoy it. I just think it's funny that it's in the basement.
Another antecdote.....In this post, I briefly told how I took my niece to lunch and the resturaunt happened to be a bar. Well, we teased and teased each other about what her teacher would say when she went back to school and was told Aunt M came to town and Cheergirl went to a bar. Well....we went to dinner while I was in Ohio......where you ask?????? In a bar. We had a great dinner complete with Diet Coke and Iced Tea BUT we ate in a bar! What does Cheergirl say? "Wow! {giggle, giggle, giggle} I can't wait to tell my teacher that Aunt M is here again and we are in a bar!" I'm sure the teacher will be hoping that I WON"T visit during the summer!

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Sweet P said...

Love the wall hanging. My dad is a big ice cream eater too.


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