Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm thinking again....#2

Questions, questions.....How do people in blogland answer questions?? Post again? Put it into the comments? Change the color of the font and put it into the original post? It isn't always feasible to reply to an e-mail as blogger sends the comments as a non-returnable e-mail. Soooo, I've decided to just post the answers here.

I would like my quilt to end up king sized. The one on my bed right now is 108X108 so 112X112 isn't really too much bigger. I could tuck the pillows and use it like a bedspread, something I haven't owned in many, many years. Plus, 90X90 just isn't big enough to cover both DH and myself. He's a blanket hog even if he doesn't admit it! (he also denies snoring....).

On the secret sister front....yup I knew exactly how rude my last years sister was. It didn't bother me as much as I felt sorry for her being so obnoxious. This year my SS is a dear lady but I just don't think she was expecting what she got. It's ok. She is gracious and kind and said thank you. That is all that counts. Last years lady just stomped off in a huff! LOL! Her problem, not mine! I was just amazed at the generosity of these women. They definitely made good use of their 50% off coupons!

If it hasn't been realized yet....I like to kvetch....uhm, complain, whine....kvetch! I do believe it is my middle name. However because I kvetch it doesn't mean I don't see the generosity and goodness of those around me. I fear for my poor children as I will more than likely be a miserable old lady! Ha! Maybe it will make up for the teen years!

Enough of the motor mouth. You can always tell when DH is out, I "talk" even more then usual!

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The Calico Cat said...

This is so a personal decision... Once upon a time ago (before beta) if the blogger had their e-mail as part of their set-up, it showed up when they left a comment. (That was also pre bloglines, when I would scroll through the ring & when the stash quilters seemed more "close.") I was a replier in e-mail.... Beta screwed up that one basic easy well liked option! I know other people have (since the begining of blogging) replied in the comments while others did a reply post.... What I learned is that it is all a personal preference.

I still prefer to directly e-mail & so I have added a lot of e-mail addresses to my address bokk so that I can reply privately. I alos like a new post with answers - mainly because I "NEVER" read the comments left by others - or go back & check for a reply. (When I did there wasn't one...)


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