Friday, December 01, 2006


Thanks for all the responses concerning code. I now have quite a few sources to help me understand a bit about blogs, computer language and such. It seems that e-blogger help isn't written for me. I feel like I'm reading jibberish. I think my learning curve is more like a learning hairpin turn! There are a few other sites that seem easier for me to understand.

The bear quilt in the previous post isnt' a bear at all! He is supposed to be a dog and even I am calling him a bear. It is the Simplicity pattern 4993. I actually made two of them. I noticed that they now have a similar pattern with ladybug but I'm not sure which book I saw it in and can't find it online.

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Susan said...

It gets easier over time. You run into every problem there is, sooner or later, and when they come back around, you know what to do. =)


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