Thursday, December 28, 2006

Too Funny

This has definitely been my week for great customer service! First my machine and now this. In my last post I wrote about looking for the Marti Michell log cabin ruler, which by the way I did buy. Today I received an e-mail from Richard Michell, Marti's husband, stating that if I would let him know where I lived that he would try to find a local dealer for me to purchase the ruler. If that didn't work, he would send me a catalog. Just let him know. I was completely, utterly perplexed. Yes, I visited the MM site a number of times this weekend but had no idea whether I sent an inquiry to them or not. Well, I was reasonably sure I hadn't but if not then how did they find out that I, little old individual me, was looking for this ruler? Could they have known that I'd visited a number of online sites looking for the ruler? Could they have read my blog??? NO WAY! But that was the only logical explanation. But read my blog? Why would Marti or Richard Michell be reading my blog. How would they find the time or even care??!!.... So, I wrote back to Richard and asked him. It seems he did read my blog....well at least the part with Marti's name in it. He conducts searches daily on Google using various words associated with quilting. My blog came up. He's probably going to read this too! LOL! He also gave me the info on the Log Cabin ABC book I was looking at ;the cost, postage etc. Very nice. Now I know that MM and hubby are in business. But, unlike another quilt shop owner I know, instead of telling me that "this is a business and I need to make a living," (DUH!) I was given customer service which makes me want to purchase Not only customer service but unsolicited customer service! Wow!

Makes me shake my head in utter disbelief.....two gentlemen in one week! I feel like I've been kicked back a decade or two....and I like it.


Sweet P said...

WOW! That is great customer service. Even if I didn't want one of her templates I would buy one now! Maybe I'll go check out her site.

joyce said...

Hearing that story makes me feel like going out and buying some of their products. I'd have to search for a dealer though because I've never seen their stuff aronud here. It seems I'd only have to ask or mention it on my blog though. Amazing.


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