Monday, December 18, 2006

Life in blogland

I've been thinking about Nancy's post. Do we post only because we have quilty things to say? As our posts progress and bits and pieces of our lives leak into our writing, we become friends. No, not the friends that show up at your doorstep or the ones we discuss our deepest, darkest thoughts, but friends of a different sort. Well, for lack of a better term, plain ol' cyberfriends. We share our ups and downs, our accomplishments and downfalls, our lives magic moments, life cycle events and moments of tragedy. That applies to quilting and non quilting issues. No, not with the depth of an "in person' friend, but as with all things in this ever changing world of the internet, just friends of a different sort.

What keeps us going back again and again to one blog? Is it concern? voyeurism? great writing skills? Is it the quilty content only? Why do we keep up with this ones surgery or that one grandchild? I know that when Nancy didn't blog for a while, I became concerned that everything was ok (thanks for putting up with me using you as an example). For me I think it is a combination of all of the above. I like to be able to say "Hey, didn't do much today but had this thought, bought this quilt mag., got PU'd at the quilt board, ect. It also doesn't bother me when others do the same. Mundane day to day life is a good life. Nothing exciting is sometimes a good thing. It not only means that the rotten things aren't happening but makes the exciting things worthwhile. I for one like to "hear" about the normalcy. So for my money, keep blogging about the ordinary. This cyberfriend is always interested.


Sweet P said...

I'll remember that you like to hear about normalcy. So do I. We are not all about quilting, we have lives that involve the good, the bad, the ugly and the non-quilty. I like to hear about all of it.

The Calico Cat said...

O.K. - totally not about your blog, but why on day 3 of Hanukkah are all of your candle lit?

Sioux said...

Morah, blogging is everything you said. I feel a special place for my cyberfriends!

I started blogging to post art, and now I blog mostly to keep in contact with the friends I've met along the way.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

Shelina said...

Morah, I found you through Amy's blog, and decided that, yes, I could use another friend. I too like reading about other people's ordinary moments.
The fact that they are so different from mine, helps me see that my ordinary moments aren't all that ordinary.

Miriam said...

i also like when people post the mundane things on their blog - as long as it's mostly quilting, the extra stuff just makes me connect with the quilter and want to come back. great post morah!


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