Saturday, December 09, 2006

Little red head girl

About the little weather girl I added.....she could be my daughter as my girls both have red hair. Come to think of it so did DH before he lost both the color and the hair!

Today is brrrrr....for us. Yes I know, in the grand scheme of things our temps are not cold in comparision but when you are used to 90's, 50's are cold. It is currently 65 degrees in the house and I refuse to turn on the heat. I am washing and drying clothes, making stew/soup...anything to warm it up and keep warm but not turn on the heat. Poor DH is cold....poor baby! He'll just need to get up and move if he wants to warm up. I'm so mean!

If I ever get this soup mess cleaned up I am going to go and finish some gifts for the girls. I bought some fatigues bottoms and jackets at our JCC rummage sale and am going to make a bag and a skirt from them. They will be cute....well if you are much younger than I. I wouldn't dream of wearing fatitgues but the girls, as their boys, are thrilled that I bought them all jackets. I had to go tell the original owner that they will be seeing my kids running around town with fatigues that have their name on them. Actually Mrs. S wanted the jacket that had the original owners name on it. Funny, funny.

I haven't thought about or posted my "what am I grateful fors" as I've been busy eating worms. I decided I'd better figure out the gratefuls before the poor birds have nothing left to eat! LOL!

What am I grateful for today.....
1. Having the ingredients to make a nice warm soup/stew
2. Having the option to turn the heat on or leave it off.......many people here don't have
furnaces or plain can't afford to run the furnace or space heater.
3. Other peoples treasure
4. A warm, cozy bed....I slept almost 12 hours last night....whew I was tired!
5. People that understand me when others have no clue.


Susan said...

Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't you turn on the heat if you were cold?

Sweet P said...

I'm confused . . . what post by Calico Cat are you talking about? When I clicked on the link I was taken to a blog written in 2002?

Are you talking about Calico's entry about what is Jewish quilt, etc?

I like the stool, chair, whatever you bought. That is cute and very functional.


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