Sunday, December 10, 2006

Questions answered

It seems that when I receive an e-mail on comments, I am unable to reply as blogger sends it a return address of something non-mailable. In other words, I can't send a reply back my mail is returned as non deliverable. It drives me crazy. So........I need to answer questions here.

Why didn't we turn on the heat. A number of reasons with the best one being .....we are too cheap! If we can keep our electric costs down in the winter, our summer "equal payment plan" will be greatly reduced. Alsothere are generally one or two chilly/cold days. If it were actually cold more then a day or two I wouldn't freeze my tushie, I'd turn on the heat. By tomorrow the temps will be back up in the 70's. Plus, ever since we moved to Texas we can hardly stand the heat on. The air gets so stuffy. You can get whiplash from the heat, no air condition, no heat during this time of year. If it seems more logical, we also sweat in the summer! LOL! We are equal opportunity on the furnace!

What post was I agonizing over from Calico Cats' blog. It was the one about what makes a quilt Jewish or Irish or Amish.....I was only linking in case someone wanted to know who Calico Cat was. Have no clue why a 2002 post came up. Sorry bout that. Also probably shouldn't have linked.

I have to laugh! My little red headed girl weather center has a Christmas Tree! She didn't have one yesterday. I don't suppose tomorrow she will pop up with a menorah..........................


Sweet P said...

Thanks for the answers. I can understand about trying to control heating and cooling costs. Our heating and cooling bills have dropped since DS #2 moved out. But is does seem they are still a little high.

Morah said...


Anonymous said...

:::smiling here::::

Amy is at "the calicocat" not just plain "calicocat"

Jeanne :)


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