Sunday, December 17, 2006

sniff, sniff, ugh!

I have a cold! I suppose it comes from wiping noses and being sneezed on but, UGH! Some years my kids don't get to me but this year I have caught everything they've brought to school with them. I HAD to bake Hanukkah cookies today and HAD to go buy one gift. I HAD to finish the insides of the purses today. I skipped going to my buds Hanukkah party because, UGH! Luckily it's not moving to my chest but my nose has sent in a request for it's own zip code. On the plus side, I have at least fused appliques to Hanukkah table runners that were supposed to be ready yesterday but may make it next year. I also worked on my Nickel quilt. I'm off to find the decongestant and hit the sack because tomorrow I MUST make latkas! That is a job that requires energy!


Sweet P said...

Colds are no fun. I finally got over mine and although it wasn't as bad as previous ones, it did take me awhile to get over the tiredness.

Sweet P said...

PS - Happy Hanukkah!


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