Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two Bags of trash and an unused sewing machine!

I posted this once but blogger rejected it! It was witty and fun....I forget what I wrote....

In order for me to actually get into my room to insert the elastic on the pajama pants, get my nickel quilt going again or get ready for the log cabin I am about to begin, I must first CLEAN MY ROOM. When I described the mess my room was in, my Grandma promptly told me to "get busy young lady!" I cleaned for a bit, called her back and described what all I found amongst my disaster. Here is what all I unearthed and removed from my room. Duct tape, a thermometer,allergy medicine, Vicks type mentho medicine, phone book, an empty water bottle, an empty water glass, an empty box from a griddle we bought, two cordless phones, two bags of trash and an used sewing machine. The last two I sang like the end of the song 12 days of Christmas. This time she giggled. It's always a good thing to make your 91 yo grandma giggle.
Mrs. S. has now inherited my White Quilters machine. 1) she needed it, 2) I never used it 3) I now have an empty spot where I can put other stuff. YEAH!
Can you say YUM! This is mmm, mmm, good latkas frying in the pan. Yes, they are artery clogging, fat inducing, greasy, bits of potato, onion and matzo meal but is there any better smell in the world? Unfortunately, the smell lingers for days and days and ceases to be delightful or welcome. We grew up dipping our latkas in sugar. We finally figured out that this tradition must come from a specific area in Europe. Not sure of the exact area but it is the only explanation why so few have adopted the tradition. I have met only a few others that do this and their ancestors are from the same general area as mine. Most dip them in sour cream. We have learned that if you are sneaky, you can put the sour cream and sugar close to one another on your plate and serendipitously get a bit of sour cream and a bit of sugar in every bite.
Could anything be funnier than frying the latkas in shorts and a hawaiian shirt? Not terribly Decemberish but I suppose since the temps were around 80 it was appropriate. I do miss cold temperatures. It just isn't' the same sweating while you make your Thanksgiving turkey and Hanukkah latkas! DH would DIE if he knew this was online!


The Calico Cat said...

TEE HEE! (We do apple sauce...)

BUT we eat our pierogies with sugar - not very common either....

Susan said...

I love latkes! Never tried it with sugar, or with applesauce, for that matter. Just plain, salt and pepper. Yum!

I love your version of the Days of Christmas, too. How nice of you to share your abundance. That will be appreciated for a long time to come, I'm sure.

Sweet P said...

Sounds like you make Grandma happy. I wonder what I will find when I clean my studio next week.

I've never had latkes, but they sound yummy! Can you provide the recipe? Thanks.

Esteemarlu said...

My cousin and I make a lot of stuff but as of late we are stuck in a rut and we say the same thing. In order to get started I have to clean up my area. That's funny.


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