Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold and Blustery

I finally washed these rag quilts. The quilt is for DBIL and the bear is for my neice. They came out nice. I certainly qualify for the "can't create perfection as only G-D can do that" club. Can you find the mistakes?????? (No, the fact that the bear makes you chuckle because my feet are peeking out is just funny, not a mistake!)

Is there anyone in blog land that would like to explain to me how you get lists on the sides of your blogs? Do you all post through blogger or another site? You can post from bloglines but where do you go to post? If you post on another site does it show up here? I am trying to get a grasp on all of this. I am serious when I ask is there a source I can go to to get answers?

Our weather here dropped 20 degrees in about 15 mins. We were expecting it so went on the playground early to get in some "burn off the energy" time. It went from warm and windy to Brrrr and gusty in a matter of minutes. We have 31 mph winds with gusts to 47....................No, my fence didn't make it. Wonder how mad our "neighbor that won't share a the cost of a new fence" is today???? She had her trash can holding it up but it was no match for our wind gusts. Just so you know that we aren't total jerks. We have replace two of three sides this year. Both our side door and back door neighbors and us have split the cost. We do after all split the fence. (The fences run down the property lines here. Every single house has a fence in the backyard) Mrs. won't share the fence has some cockamamy idea that everyone owns the right side fence. Of course she didn't share that tidbit with her right side neighbors as they put up a new fence between their yards........Mr. & Mrs. "we won't share the costs" will just need to wait until we are good and ready to put up a fence....whether the other is on the ground or not. Hmph!

BTW the mistakes on my quilts are that Mrs. S. neglected to snip one of the seams on the quilt and I attached part of the foot on the bear is not raggy in one seam. Not fixing it!


Sweet P said...

Morah, I can send you the code for creating lists on your blog. You need to be comfortable editing html code. Let me know by email if you want the code.

Mary said...

Cute rag quilts - I have one planned but almost certain to be 2007 before I get to it.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the opps, till you mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

i love these pics! thanks for the advice on my hand. i've been over-doing but with your advice will take it slower...


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