Friday, November 10, 2006

Ouchy Day

I wasn't going to post but....

Had to have a tooth pulled. Suffice to say OUCH! (My tooth broke the day before my daughters wedding. I've been putting it off ever since. The oral surgeon was not happy with me for waiting. He had to push and pull and OUCH!)Then went to Rhuematologist + got flu shot. Suffice to say OUCH. Then off to the Peddler Show. This is the closest thing we have here to local craft shows. The Peddle Show just a fancy schmancy travelling craft show. Spent too much money on 2 really cool jalapeno cookers...suffice to say OUCH! I bought one for us and one for my new SIL. Never called him that before.

But, don't these look cool! You can stuff them with just about anything and yum! I also bought some dip mix and the man from the grill place said that he has also put it in the jalapenos. Mmmmm..... This is the where you can see all the choices of grills. I wasn't willing to spend the money on the big one, but wanted it! Now to get the big jalapenos. Mmmmm......................... Even my husband was Mmmming when I got home. Unfortunately they only had the wimpy tiny jalapenos. So tomorrow I will be on a tear to find big jalapenos.

I also inserted a link to a web ring in my blog. As one of my students would say, with arm out stretched, Dut Dutta Duh!!!! Have NO idea how I managed to do it, but I did. So whoopdie doopdie to me.

I haven't quite gotten a handle on this blogging business. Protocol, courtesy and all. I mean, it is strange to now be on this side and know there are people out there, total strangers, reading my mindless rambles. Weird. Also, I can see it getting very time consuming to post replies to comments, read other blogs, comment on them, respond to relpies ect. I read a few days ago on Nancy's blog her explaination/apology to anyone she skips, misses or doesn't respond to. I feel the same way. Don't be insulted if I don't respond to things. I get busy with annoying things like work and sometimes don't have time for the computer. Also for some reason my e-mail from the blog isn't working. Any ideas on how to fix?

I hope to post a quilty photo quilting space maybe? We'll see......


Nancy said...

Well OUCH all around! Not your best day was it? Although the Jalapeno cooker looks really cool. I had to follow your link to it and I'm pretty sure one will be arriving at my door soon. It's a great gift idea for a couple people I know.

On blogging protocol/etiquette - the subject goes around the ring every few months. General concenses is there is no good answer on how to deal with comments. Blogging is not as interactive as a mailing list. Some people answer comments in their comments. Others send private emails. And others answer comments in another post. I've done a bit of all depending on whatever fits my time and energy levels at the time. You'll figure out something that works for you. But never feel you have to respond to every comment left you. Or you'll spend all your time on this box reading/commenting/answering and won't get any quilting done.

Sweet P said...

Try this for getting your comments in your email. Go into your account (like you want to write a new entry). Click on Settings, then click on Comments. Near the bottom of the page is a box fo Comment Notification Address, make sure your email address is in there.

Ouch for the day is right. I have to have the roots pulled out from a tooth I lost quite a while ago. I hate dentists and DH finally made me start going to one. Enjoy your japalenos and eat some for me.

Melzie said...

Welcome to the ring :) May your stay here be long and joyous ;) xoxo melzie

Pam said...

Welcome to Quilting 4 Pleasure.
I enjoyed browsing through the jalapeno pepper link - that would be a fun little kitchen tool to have I think.

Enjoy your blogging experience. I have been blogging for almost a year and I still don't really know what I am doing!

I hope your all over your tooth pain now and you found some nice big jalapeno peppers!!


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