Thursday, November 23, 2006


This is a game we play. It comes from DH's family but we are merrily carrying on the tradition. No holiday is complete without deviled eggs. Everyone fights over the last one on the plate, so the game is that you have to call the "last deviled egg." Now this game has rules! Everyone must be present when you call last deviled egg. It doesn't need to be meal time but it has to be on the day the eggs are to be eaten. For instance, last night when I made the deviled eggs, DH started shouting "last deviled egg, last deviled egg." Didn't count. He was tempted to call the girls and claim it but knew they wouldn't fall for the ruse. Besides, you don't want to remind the enemy of the game. The key is to call it before anyone else remembers to do so. So my goal today is to be triumphant. Of course, I always cave and give the last one to someone else.

We are a game playing family. Not necessarily board games either. One day I came home and found DH, Mrs. S (formerly known as DD#1), and Ms. A (formerly known as DD#2), doing some weird thing with the laser pointer. They had devised this challenge to point the laser at the fan and see who could keep it most steady. Then it evolved to bouncing the beam off of the fan and onto another object. To this day I have no idea what they were doing when they concocted this game. They were there for a very long time, laughing, razzing each other and just carrying on with the nonsense. Another day, I came home and Ms. A and DH attacked me. "Can you do this??!!" They then proceeded to ask me if I could cross my toes. It seems they had been spending hours trying to do things with their toes. ... Pick things up, cross them, give the "thumbs" up. I just looked at them like they were nuts! BTW it really made them angry when I just crossed my toes with no problem! Neither one could do it. To this day, this is one of their fondest memories and they get a big kick when I still look at them like they are nuts.

How can you not be thankful for something as cute as this hat. These are what we made in our class this year. I should have made one for myself!

What am I thankful for today??
1. Silly games
2. Good health
3. Family - good,bad, ugly through "thick and thin" or "sick and sin"
4. A roaster for cooking turkey
5. My Janome dealer....fixing my machine

Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate. Have a great day to all those that don't.


Sweet P said...

Which toes can you cross? I can cross my big toe over the next toe. Silly games are lots of fun. BTW, did you get the last deviled egg?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Quilting 4 Pleasure ring. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am like you in that I was 20 when my first child was born and now we have an empty nest but I'm NOT old! And it seems most people I meet my age now have much younger children.

Keep on blogging and happy quilting.

Susan said...

What great games your family plays! Such traditions to pass along. I love it.


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