Saturday, November 18, 2006

What is it??

Can you guess? I am so tickled with this silly little thing I made. My grandma does what I consider a weird thing. Unfortunately, she taught my daughter the same ridiculous habit and so I am making these for them. I saw this on the cover of the book "Quilt Block Leftovers," by Sarah Phillips. It is such a great idea! What is it already????? A glass cover. It seems my grandma is afraid of flies landing on her glass so she always covers it with a napkin. Now how many flies do you think find their way into my fastidious 91 yo grandma's house????!!!! But as I said, my DD#2 does the same thing now. (well, in her case, I can see it being a necessity! LOL) So when I saw this I knew I had to make one. The tiny half squares are leftovers from my nickel quilt. I have dutifully ironed and trimmed a million of these tiny jewels. The finished measurement of each half square is 1.25"Here is the cover looks like in use.

I think it is just so cute! I have some other leftover blocks and I plan on making a few for each of my phobic loved ones.


Susan said...

That says no comment posted, so I'm trying again! That's the cutest little thing. I've never seen one before. I'll bet they would be a hit in the nursing homes.

Sweet P said...

I have that same book so I knew what you had made right away. They are adorable and a great idea. I hope grandma likes it too.

There are lots of cool patterns in the book. I plan on making some of the items after the holidays.

joyce said...

What a cute idea although they might be more appropriate in India or Africa. My kitchen would also be a candidate. Lol. I hope your loved ones enjoy them.

Angie said...

Those are absolutely adorable, Morah!!!

Aunt Jenny said...

Those are just so cute!! My grandma was the same way about the flies and funny.
What a great idea though!!
I loved reading your blog!

swooze said...

How cute!! You are a hoot! A thoughtful hoot but a hoot none the less.

Pat said...

This is a clever idea! My cat loves to sneak a drink of my water, I hope this will keep her out.


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