Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ripping and Stripping

It is so funny, this blogging thing. My girls cannot believe that I have a blog. I mean what in the world do they think I'm going to post? Wild political ramblings? Pornography? "You have a blog?", they ask. They must be confusing me with the bloggers of their generation. I on the other hand go through my day and think, " Hey! That would be a great thing to blog about!" Sad, sad, sad. The initials with my maiden name were MM. My dad always called me MM, motor mouth. I have to laugh because I am still a motor mouth but now I need to type it.

Last night we played "strip poker" at our quilt meeting. (maybe I am pornographic!?) It was so much fun. I am the programs chair and a friend sent me directions to the game. I adapted them to fit our needs and off we went. It was a blast. I began the game with 25 strips and came home with 23.Not too bad. The big winner went home with 38 strips so she really had a blast.
Judging by the laughter it sounded like the others had a good time too. We now have something other than quilto to play at our occasional game nights.

I am still plugging away on the simple faux log cabin for my dear friend. This simple quilt has been very irritating. First, I assembled the blocks inside out, upside down, catywhampus and backwards. Then I quilted feathers in the wrong thread and ripped it out. Then I quilted feathers in white thread. Unfortunately, when I tested, I used the pink thread instead of the white (I'll talk about this later) and on the tester piece it looked good but on the actual quilt it came out lousy. So I ripped that. Then tested and quilted the white thread and it looked good. I didn't test the pink thread. I just quilted away. W-e-l-l-l-l, it was completely, utterly awful. Ripped it out! Now here is my gripe. Both the white, variegated and pink threads are the same type, manufacturer. Why in the world did the settings for one not work for the other? Color shouldn't have anything to do with it. I was so irritated. Plus my machine doesn't seem to like this thread unless I just haven't hit on the correct needle. It is Coats and Clark triobal thread. So this picture is a bit of the thread that I've pulled out. I'm going to try again tonight to see if I can finish this riffin' raffin' thing!

The only good thing that came of all that ripping was that I was thoroughly entertained while doing it. We live in a neighborhood that is just the right age for new roofs. We have all needed to get them in the past couple of years. My neighbor is having one put on now. The men that put on new roofs must be the happiest guys in the world. This goes for our roofer and all of the roofers our neighbors have used. They always have cheery happy music blasting. They laugh and whoop and AYE YAI YAI YAI, all the time. They talk a mile a minute. I only wish I could have understood what they were talking about. They just carry on and carry on as if they are having a hay ole' time. I think they may have been teasing one guy cause they were just laughing and laughing at him. I just sat, picked out stitches, tapped my foot to the music I didn't understand and smiled at the happy conversations I didn't understand. The strange thing is all of the houses around me have had new roofs and the workers always sound the same! Music, whooping, laughing ect. Male bonding. Gotta love it. (and they say women are yakkers. These guys talk rings around all of my friends.)

Enough motor mouth for today


Anonymous said...

Dear Motor Mouth, I'd LOVE to have the directions for the strip poker game! And good luck with your tension problem; I can offer no advice on this.

Susan said...

Your comments about your girls' reactions to you blogging amused me. My older son got me started blogging more than 5 years ago, on livejournal, and I'm so glad he did. Now I have 3 blogs! =)

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I bet those kids of yours don't realise that you were young once, too! Are these roofers good looking? Do they have their shirts off? What language are they speaking?


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