Thursday, November 09, 2006

i did it...YIKES!

I submitted my quilts to the February quilt show. I steathily snuck up to the house of the woman accepting the applications and dropped it in her mailbox. I half hoped the mail man would take it by mistake. Lo and Behold she called me a bit later to ask a question. She then convinced or should I say coerced me into having the thing JUDGED!!! OMGOSH! I really don't need someone else pointing out my flaws. I will just need to put on my biggest shoulder pads when I read the critique. Here is a picture of the second quilt I entered .(OH CRUD! I haven't the foggiest how to link to my webshots, and don't feel like posting the photos again so here is my webshots, if you care to look. I've been trying to figure this out for too long and my mah jong buddies are on their way over. It is in the folder named Quilts 2005 THis is the ONLY photo I have of an unfinished quilt...It has since been finished. I took it the first time I was going to enter it in this show but whimped out. )the first is the chuppah. )

Well duh, the second quilt is the flip flop quilt...Thanks for asking Sheila. I told you I was firmished about entering it.

I rearranged my sewing room and one day when the sun is bright, I'll take a picture. (Yeah like the sun isn't out here. I think the temp was 90 degrees. Yes you read right Novenber!)
I love the new arrangement because I have the best of both worlds, can look at the tv and out the window at the same time.

I love the idea of posting, or keeping track of gratitudes. When my kids were little, we said prayers at night and then each had to tell us something they were grateful for. It was a way of reminding them of what is important. This morning I found out that a dear friend of mine was sick and died without any of us knowing. (How do you have a dear friend die without knowing? They have two homes, across the country from each other, and tend to fall out of touch when at the other home.) I am very sad and it makes me want to remember what is important in our lives. Even on those days when all you are grateful for is your bed, solitude and a remote control.

What I'm grateful for today:
1. A wonderful husband
2. Healthy, happy, self sufficient children
3. Friends and family that love me
4. Finding the Hidden Valley Oyster Cracker coating on the first Google search (hey I have to
feed these mah jong ladies something!?)


Sweet P said...

Hi Morah! Welcome to the world of blogging. Congrats on entering a quilt into a quilt show. I hope you do well! 90 in Texaz. Ugh! That's why I live in New Hampshire.

Sheila said...

Congratulations! The quilts in that album are wonderful and you have nothing to worry about as far as judging. So... which quilt is it? I've loved the Americana quilt since you posted it on Stashbuster long ago.

Angie said...

I'm going to check out your quilts in a sec. Congrats on entering in a show. I too love to read the gratitudes that some of you list...they do remind me of all that so many of us have to be thankful for! Thanks for listing yours. :)

Sheila said...

LOL Well, I love the flip-flop quilt too! I missed the 's' on 'quilts' and was totally looking in the wrong folder ... where 'the chuppah is first.'


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