Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finally a quilty picture

I have been very busy without my regular machine. First I have been cutting up the scraps that have been accumulating since this summer. I am nearly finished with them. Second I finished the pink quilt. I don't show my quilts until they are finished. I don't show tops only at quilt meetings and I don't post photos until my project is done. This keeps me on track. Because I SO LIKE to show my stuff this has worked beautifully. I began this rule last year while I was in the stashbuster UFO challenge. Because of it, I have only 1 new project this year that is not finished and will become a UFO in 2007. Since I want to take it to retreat in Jan., I may not have any new UFO's to add to my pile. So tada! The pink quilt. It took me less than a month to complete this, start to finsh. That is world record time in my house.

It is a faux log cabin ala Billie Lauder. Unfortunately I did something weird....I either attached the strips backwards or switched the order or something because short of burning out my brain cells, this was the only setting I could come up with. I like it though. If you kinda squint you can see the dark pink floating on top of the lighter.

I went to Joanns on Friday and bought about 25 yds. of flannel. I finished 5 pair of pajama pants and have the rest cut and ready to go. (another one of my new rules. If I buy something unusual like flannel or fleece, I must use it as opposed to putting it into my stash) I also did something that my DH is SOOOO happy about. I assembled the pants with my serger!!!! I have only owned the thing for about 3 yrs.....and NEVER used it. DH bought it for me thinking that when I said "I would like a serger," that I actually meant it! Over the summer I bought a new Janome and he told me that I could sell the serger since I've never used it. I just never had an application for it. Those sleep pants fairly created themselves on the thing. It is slick. I only needed to use the regular machine for the casing. Only one fly in the ointment. In the excitement of .99 cent flannel and the serger, I forgot that I hate to do clothes. They never, ever fit correctly. I made a small for Ms. A and SIL . SIL lives down the street so I had him come over and try them on. They were too small. He could wear them if he never rolled over or didn't move his legs too much. LOL. I wanted so badly to check the fit but couldn't exactly check the fabric in the hips and thigh like I do with my girls! He kinda stood on the other side of the room while I asked multiple questions. Too funny! Maybe the small will still fit Ms. A. She wears a size 5 jr. for heavens sake! Why do homemade pants always look rectangular as opposed to having shape in the hips and seat? (I looked at the pattern again and noticed it is for Misses, Men and teen boys. Maybe the small is meant for pubescent teens not shaped adults) Even though I'm nervous that the other pants won't fit the intended receipients, ( I figure they can all trade up. The smalls can take the meds., the meds can take the larges and then I can make more for for whoever ended up with nothing! Good plan huh!) I am very pleased with myself. I have almost finished all the flannel stuff and finished the pink quilt. Not bad without having my "baby" that is still in pieces on the workbench in Austin.


Sweet P said...

You had a very productive day, even if the first pair didn't fit properly. I like your plan for moving up if other pairs don't fit.

Mary said...

I like the pink quilt - I like half log cabin blocks but I haven't used Billie's pattern.

I always take pictures of my quilts as I make them and don't usually resist posting pictures. Whatever motivates you to get finished is good. I think I will end up adding just 2 quilts to my UFO list this year and have finished 12 UFO's. Not as much progress as I'd like but not too bad.

joyce said...

There is nothing like a serger for sewing clothes, esp pyjamas or sweats. I have made hundreds with my serger. Since I have started quilting it gets a lot less use though.

KCQuilter said...

I was so glad you posted your Billie Lauder-style faux log cabin quilt!! It's a beauty. I have the booklet with those directions in it but hadn't visualized a finished one. This helps!


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