Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Figured it out

Don't know why it does it but now know what is happening. It seems when I have my machine in the needle down position AND use the auto thread cutter, it throws off the tension. Once I turn the machine off and back on, it resets and all is well again. Don't know why or how one thing has anything to do with the other, but it's not for me to fix. I'll take it to the shop on Monday and hopefully it's not too serious. Got the rest of the quilt finally quilted and will post as soon as I bind.


Angie said...

Glad you got it figured out, Morah. There's nothing more frustrating than having your tension do that and you can't get it to adjust. Congrats on getting the quilt quilted. :)

Mary said...

You worked fast if you got all the bad stitches pulled out and finished the quilting.

Melzie said...

You also have to hold your mouth in a certain spot and cross your fingers toes eyes and legs to make it work right? ;) j/k lol xoxo melzie


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