Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rambling on and on

I have so many quilty things to finish by the holidays that I am beginnig to hyperventilate. I am making a quilt for a dear friend that helped tremendously with my daughters' wedding. It is a faux log cabin by Billie Lauder. Unfortunately, I did the whole thing upside down and backwards and couldn't figure out how to get a pattern so I ended up with simple streaks. I'll post a picture when it is finished. I have a rule that I do not show anything until it is completely finished. I want to make something else for another dear friend but don't want to say just what in case she reads this. I need to make about 6 pairs of pajama pants, two or three purses and a rag quilt. Plus I would like to make a number of chenille potholders for last minute gifts and postcards for holiday wishes. (the photo above is of the Rosh Hashana cards I sent to all my Mah Jongg buddies. I had to crop most of the back of the card to remove my address ect. )

Tomorrow is "brown day" in my classroom. We will be making butter to go on our brown toast, play with chocolate scented playdough, if I get into the kitchen soon and make it, glue brown paper, paint with brown paint and wear brown clothing. I've never attempted making butter in class so it ought to be a real experience. (Did I mention I work with older 2's...translation is that they are nearly all three by Jan/Feb). They absolutely adore making toast. It's the thrill of it popping out of the toaster. They never crowd around the boring toaster oven, just the cheapo pop out of the toaster toaster.

Working with children keeps me young, enthusiastic and able to enjoy the wonder of the world around me. You can't help it. When the shining faces come into the classroom everyday and
a child announces in a singsongy little voice "Dut dutta da! Mrs. H, I'm here!" how can you not love your job!


Sheila said...

I love MahJongg. Very cute postcard. I need to try one.

Anonymous said...

Oh how radical of you to only show finished projects.... (I guess you will not doing WIP on Wednesday... Not that I remembered to photograph mine anyway.)


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