Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The time is here.....

....for many things. Yeah! I finally FEEL like going into the sewing room. I am still torn about going to a one day retreat or going to my daughter (who MUST need her mom as she calls here everyday!!! :) ) but I have begun to get my things together nonetheless. I have decided that there is NO WAY I will start another project untill I get something finished. But the "rules" to this retreat are to use your stash. So... I am using my stash. When I was in Ohio this summer, I bought 12 cotton tea towels in Berlin. The poor folks had a fire and all of their stuff was fire damaged. I bought this load of towels all brown with stinky, smelly smoke. My grandma nearly fell over when I told her I needed to wash them in her machine! Cringing all the way she supervised so that the smoke in the towels wouldn't mess up her machine! Gotta love my 91 YO grandma! Anyways, I've decided that I am going to finally use those towels and the bazillion tea towel patterns I have. I picked fabrics last night and after I pay bills...ISH!...I will begin to transfer to Heat n Bond. I am also going to take the birthday banner for my brother. I have a ton of transfering, cutting and bonding to get done before Friday because on Saturday I just want to spend the time doing hours and hours of machine blanket stitch. My goal is to finish everything on Saturday. I just don't want anything else looming over my head that needs finished.

The time is also here to beging the repairs on this house. We have all the estimates and today they do the duct work. I will schedule the fireplace later today and by the end of March we will be on the road to being house poor, but in good repair!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nothing quilty going on here

I've been holding onto these pictures for just this problem. I have no current photos to post. Eventually I'll get around to taking pictures of quilty things, but for now.... This is a picture of the gift that Mrs. S gave to DH for Hanukkah. She couldn't think of what to give within my parameters. I told the girls that they couldn't spend much money on the two of us. They either had to make something, write something...any thing free or close to it. Besides, Mrs. S. had just gotten married. Who had money? The general idea was mine but she took and and ran with it. The table is a cheapy that I bought to hold the kiddush cup and candles under the her chuppah. The purply long things are cigar cases. We have been saving DH's cigar cases for so long that I began to throw them away. Mrs. S and I kept saying, "there must be something we can do with these things!" I have also been saving wine corks. All of my friends and their friends have added to my collection. Ms. A works at Macaroni Grill so she asked the the bar to save beer caps. All together they create DH's vice table. She painted the table black, added the various features, a piece of glass and viola'. I think it is really cute.

I am NOT in the mood to quilt. I can't tell if I'm just stuck on what I have to work on or what. It's so bad that I am thinking of skipping a one day retreat next weekend to go visit Ms. A. I had this same kind of slump last year at this time. Wonder why? I did goof around with a birthday banner for my brother. I am using shirting material. I mean from shirts! It's a challenge to get the fabric of the shirts to the correct size needed for the pattern. I stll need to figure out what to use for the letters. I may use baseball and nascar type fabric for them. He may work in an office but his heart is in baseball, Nascar and motorcycles. Problem is, I go into the sewing room goof around for 10-15 mins and then just lose interest. I tried to work on my nickel quilt this weekend. Sewed about 10 seams and quit...bored. Tried to work on my friends soduko quilt and assembled one block all wrong, ripped it, reassembled, added sashing and then saw that I had it right the first time! Put that away. I think I'll just stick to watching tv tonight. It seems much safer!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm on the computer.....AT HOME!

It feels great! My computer is back from the hospital and in much better health! To be able to sit at my own computer and not worry about bothering someone else is wonderful.

Ya know, things have to fall apart before you are able to appreciate them. We have had a crazy few weeks. You have to choose to either laugh or cry and I am choosing laugh because it's really rather funny. I wrote about the duct work, computer and the chimney. Well, the grill was leaking when we put on a new propane tank and while DH was at Lowes getting things to fix it, the car died! We bought a new battery for it, went home and while trying to hook things up on the grill, DH broke something making it unusable! (it really was on old grill but still!) It's been a bit irritating but as my in-laws say while playing cards, the worm has turned. My car is working just fine with a new battery, the computer is now home safe and sound. (They didn't need to clear the hard drive but did install a fan so loud that you can hear it all over the house.) I will call the guy later and schedule the duct work and get the chimney fixed by the end of the month. All in all, I can't complain too loudly because all of these things are just inconviences....expensive...annoying...but in the grand scheme of things, just that. Things. Items. The important things in our life are all doing just fine!

My quilts hung in the quilt show and I was judged. I was so nervous but it wasn't too bad. No ribbons but lots of kudos. I keep saying I would never do it again but just may. I have two years to think about it as this is a bi-annual show.

I finished a UFO and marked it off my list. Yee Ha! My in-laws have been visiting for the last 3 weeks so I have not been sewing. I'm looking forward to being able to sew again. We've just been so doggone busy between fixing things and entertaining! LOL!!!!

I will visit the rings as soon as I am able. Looking forward to catching up!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I miss you!

I'm still without the computer. Ugh. From time to time I check my e-mail but I try to get on and off the computer quickly as I am at school. Just checking in, proving I'm still around. I'm really just procrastinating right now as I NEED to go home and put hanging sleeves on my two quilts. I haven't even started them yet. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I need to turn them in on Friday. I hope the judges are kind to this quilt show newbie. I'll be back soon I hope and try to catch up on all of your doings.


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